Just Care Products teamed up with The Alzheimer’s Society (Isle of Man) in January 2019 to become Dementia Champions. As such, Amy and Dermot are now trained to give talks on how to be Dementia Friends.

Society often looks at the more negative connotations associated with the word ‘Dementia’ and The Alzheimer’s Society would like to bust some myths about dementia so that the world we live in can be more dementia friendly and so that the people can have a better understanding of this disease and how it can affect the person who is living with it.

Come along and attend a free talk on becoming a Dementia Friend. We give these talks on a regular basis and you can find out from the shop when the next one is OR you can book to come along and book a time with Amy. There you will meet like-minded folk who just want to know more and we hope you will be keen to use the knowledge you gain in your everyday life. It’s amazing what a little knowledge can do to assist those living with the condition to be less stigmatised.

Amy is also able to come and give the talk to any number of people so if you would like Amy to come to your place of work, your church, your club or group to give the talk – just ring Amy at the shop on 627177.