One of the biggest problems that people face with their scooters or items such as the Bellavita Bath Lift – is looking after the battery. So – with this in mind – here are some tips:

  • Batteries don’t like to be left for long periods of time without charging them.
  • When you first get your scooter or Bath Lift – put the batteries on charge overnight. This will give the battery a good first boost.
  • Before you start using your piece of equipment or scooter, read the instruction manual provided, fully.
  • If you rarely use the scooter or bath lift – put the battery on charge roughly once a week. Once the charger goes green – unplug the item from the charger and the wall. About once a month do an overnight charge. This keeps the battery ‘seasoned’.
  • DO NOT leave the charger plugged into the wall/scooter with the wall socket turned off as the batteries will drain back into the charger (slowly but sometimes enough to put stress on the batteries).
  • If you are using the scooter or bath lift each day – charge the battery after each use for around 3-4 hours (or until the charger indicates that the batteries are charged). This, again, will keep the battery topped up. And then, once a month, do an overnight charge.
  • Unless there is a lot of heavy use of a scooter – the batteries should last a good long while if they are kept at their optimum charge. You will have spent a fair amount on your new scooter or bath lift so it’s always best to look after the batteries well.
  • If you notice any issues RING US!!! Don’t leave a problem to perhaps get worse. Sometimes little things occur with new items and these will always be covered by the warranty. It’s no trouble to just check and make sure that your piece of equipment or scooter is happy.


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