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Malcolm from Douglas

I have lived in Douglas for some years now and I have had a lot of problems with my back which lays me up for days at a time, and believe me that is no fun. Anyway I started to shop round for a nice Bed but then turned to an Electic Bed because I was told it would be better for me, well to be honest I tried various companys off the Island but some of the prices were just out of this world and then I came across Just Care Products in Spring Valley just behind B&Q, but to be honest it wasn't just about the price it was about the service I received as well. The lady in Just Care Products is called Tracey and to be honest she could not help me enough with what I needed and wanted to purchase, I have had a few visits to see her before I decided which one I would like, the service I received was second to none, nothing was too much and now I have my bed and I am really delighted with it, it is really so comfortable to lay on, and more to the point is the comfort I get from raising my feet up or the back rest so I can lay/sit and read it`s just great. The bed I bought is Electric adjustable bed-Richmond - Divan with a Reflex Foam Mattress with a Massage Unit, I would really recommend this to anyone with any back problems, it also works down your legs.