Amy and Shirl

Just Care Products is a local business offering mobility solutions to suit customers needs. Running since August 2011, it was originally set up by a young gentleman called Ben Hellowell – whom many of our loyal customers still remember fondly. After leaving to find other ventures, the mantel was then passed on to Tracey Hellowell. Tracey ran the company for 3 years but then decided to move on to pastures new.

In July 2017, a new team took over and they haven’t looked back, growing the business and adding to what the Hellowell family had started. They are Amy and Dermot Maguire who are the Directors; and until recently also included 'Girl Friday' Rebecca Kneen. Rebecca sadly left in March 2022 and the team was then joined by Shirley Robertson who became the new Shop Manager and they haven't looked back.

Shirley and Amy are the ‘shop’ team. Shirley loves working with customers to find exactly what they need. Amy, too, loves the customers, but is often found behind the computer doing the paperwork and emails. Both have many years of experience working with customers in the service industry – Amy having been a carer and Shirley having worked in customer services and shop environments; but they have learned so much more as their experience has grown in these roles. .

Amy says ‘our role is to find whatever it is that our customer needs so that whoever it may be can remain as independent as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer care and will go out of our way to assist where we can’ and as Becca used to say ‘we care passionately about our customers and would always make sure that whatever they buy is fit for purpose. It’s not about the sale it’s about the customer!!' .

Just Care Products became a member of the British Healthcare Traders Association (BHTA) in 2016 and with this have a Code of Conduct that they adhere to. Customers can obtain information about this from the BHTA website CLICK HERE

Dermot Maguire is, as Becca always called him, their ‘man who can’. He is a fully qualified electrician with over 37 years of experience in the trade (at one point being Chief Electrician at Madame Tussauds where he and Amy met – leaving in 2004. In 2007 Amy and Dermot moved, with their young son, to the Isle of Man and Dermot worked, for over 10 years with a firm whom he still works with, closely, following his decision to set up on his own company in Spring 2017.

Dermot works independently from the shop – running his own business (Maguire Electrical Services Ltd 409982 or ring Amy at the shop) but he also does our servicing of equipment, electrical and mechanical, and can be booked via the shop on 627177.