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Getting around the house

Getting around the house

If you have limited mobility, people of any age can have trouble getting around the house, however there are many things you can do to make your home safer and your life easier.
Modifying your home can be as simple as rearranging some furniture or putting in a few handrails in key locations.
There are many basic and inexpensive products available to assist you such as a Reacher, which helps you to retrieve items from the floor without bending over. Or why not get some risers to increase the height of your chair or bed so it becomes easier to get up.
Grab rails can be fitted in many rooms to give you the support to get out of a bath or help you walk up/down steps. Grab rails can be a permanently fitted or attached in the bathroom by suction.

There are many obstacles in the house such as furniture and rugs, why not think about getting someone to rearrange these to avoid the possibility of falling.
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