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Mobile Scooters!

Mobile Scooters!

When discussing a new range of mobility scooters we had on offer to a friend, he asked if there was a model available with sails!!!! Of course, he was joking however when choosing your mobility scooter, make sure you think about what kind of scooter suits your needs.

There are scooters which dismantle for people who want to take a scooter in the car for shopping, days out or on holiday. Or perhaps you want a scooter to go from your home to a local shop or social event in your area. There are even scooters which you can take with you on a plane or cruise ship.
There are of course other factors to take into account such as how fast can it go, how far can it go on a battery charge together with style and cost, but what’s important is that you retain your independence and continue to enjoy life, so choose wisely.

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