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Ramp up your accessibility!

Ramp up your accessibility!

Do you struggle to gain access into your home due to mobility problems? As an access solution, ramps, both portable and fixed can be a really cost effective and convenient way to enhance accessibility.

The length of the ramp is measured on the incline – how steep and high is the incline you will be using the ramp on – and whether the ramp is for residential or commercial use.

The official recommendation for residential use is a 2:12 slope which means every 2″ of vertical rise requires one foot of ramp. For commercial use, it’s a 1:12 slope which means every 1″ of vertical rise requires one foot of ramp.
There are many types of ramps available and it is important that you speak to a professional who is able to assess your property and give you get the best advice and provide the correct ramp for your needs.

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