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Get the right chair!

Get the right chair!

We all like to feel comfortable when we are sat down so choosing the right chair is an essential part of all of our lives. For older or disabled people it can become increasingly difficult or impossible to use standard products.

Incorrect seating can cause, back and joint problems and even pressure area problems. So it is important that you are seated correctly, with support in the right places.

Also consider, do you need help to get out of your chair? If the answer is yes, a rise and recliner chair which come with single/dual motors would really help you to retain your independence.

When buying your chair, it is always sensible to shop around, look at the different chairs available and remember to think about what you need. Make sure you buy the right size and colour to match your other furniture and If in doubt always ask for help.

For further information, contact by Tracey at Just Care Products on 627177.

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